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(under construction from Suli Road to Hongzhuang) subject to change
Shihu Road station under construction

Line 3[edit]

Main article: Line 3, Suzhou Rail Transit
Preparation for a construction site between Heshan Road and Huashan Road stations of future Line 3 (main line)

Line 3 is planned to run from Suzhou New District Railway Station in the northwest, via Wuzhong District in south Suzhou to Weiting in the east, with a total of 31 stations.[8] At the planned interchange stations with Line 1 and Line 2 platforms for Line 3 are already prepared.

Line 4[edit]

Main article: Line 4, Suzhou Rail Transit

Line 4 will start in the north of Suzhou, west of Line 2. Its main line will lead from Suli Road to Pangjin Road in the south/south east of Suzhou. After reaching Suzhou railway station, it will almost exactly follow Renmin road and Dongwubei road reaching further south until after a smooth arc to the west it turns sharp east leading towards its planned terminus Pangjin Road in Wujiang District. In this setup, Line 4 will have 30 stations. Construction is in progress, while opening is scheduled for late 2015 or 2016.[3] At the planned interchange stations with Line 1 and Line 2 platforms for Line 4 are already prepared. Recent maps show a branch line of Line 4 (formerly referred to as future Line 8). This branch is supposed to follow the same path as the main line until Hongzhuang, then turning into south western direction leading to Youxiang Road.

Lines under planning[edit]

Line 4[edit]

Plans for line 4 have been revised. Initially planned for a later date, construction of line 4 has been started with the main line now leading from Suli Road in the north to Pangjin Road at Wujiang district (former Wujiang City). The originally planned section leading to the south-west appears in actual maps as "under planning" in shape of a branch line of line 4.

Other Lines[edit]

Besides others, short video spots shown on screens in Suzhou's subway trains where Suzhou Rail Transit company introduces itself and its plans. These plans contain a line 5 and 6

Planned Layout (2016)[edit]

Planned subway network of Suzhou by 2016

Rolling Stock[edit]

Line 1 train
Line 2 train

All rolling stocks of Suzhou Rail Transit use Nanjing Puzhen Rolling Stock Works trains.[9]

Line Manufacturer Number Specifications Note
Line 1 Nanjing Puzhen Rolling Stock Works 24 4B Expandable to 6B
Line 2 Nanjing Puzhen Rolling Stock Works 23 5B Expandable to 6B

Fares and tickets[edit]

Single Journey Ticket, available at Line 1 stations
Ticket vending machines
Flap gates

The base fare of Suzhou Rail Transit is 2 yuan (US$0.33) for journeys under 6 km, then 1 yuan for each 5 km between 6–16 km, 1 yuan for each 7 km between 16–30 km, 1 yuan for 9 km more than 30 km. As December 28, 2013, the highest fare is 7 yuan (US$1.17).

Users of the Suzhou Tong get a 5% discount for every journey.


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